US low-fare airline Avelo is now adding nonstop service from Los Angeles' suburb Burbank to Boise, Idaho on May 24th, and Spokane, Washington on May 25th. The routes will be served by Boeing 737-800s twice a week.

737s a passenger experience upgrade

The Boeing 737-800s will provide passengers an upgraded passenger experience versus the Embraer E175s and the snug DeHavilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd Q400 turboprops typically servicing Boise and Spokane. Passengers will be able to book introductory low fares starting at $59 to Boise and $69 to Spokane before add-ons like window seats and more legroom. The one-way introductory fares include taxes and fees but must be booked by March 23rd.

Avelo fare policy allows paying for add-ons to seating like priority boarding, checking your bags, or having your bags in the carry-on overhead, and yes, you can also pay to bring a pet into the cabin. Just like other low-fare airlines such as Europe's Ryanair, the trick is to charge less to board and then charge for everything over and above the basic fare.

Smaller regional airports like Boise, Burbank, and Spokane come with benefits.

Regional airports like Boise, Burbank, and Spokane come with unique benefits - and are now connected by Avelo. The three airports have much shorter Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security lines, shorter walking distances between the airport gate and ground transportation, fewer crowds, and faster baggage delivery.

An October 2017 Aerial Photo of Boise Airport
The small size of Boise Airport makes it convenient for travelers. Photo: AvgeekJoe Productions

Boise is a city with several Fortune 500 companies with national and international headquarters or divisions having sprawling high-tech campuses. There is also Boise State University with a distinctive blue football field. Finally, the state capital plus significant Idaho National Guard units are based in Boise. But Boise is not all business; Boise is also close to fun outdoor experiences like lakes, ski slopes, and trails for biking plus running.

The Boise Airport Director Rebecca Hupp is "thrilled" at this news, as she explained in a statement:

"The addition of service to Hollywood Burbank Airport provides more nonstop travel options for our region—and easy access to downtown LA, Hollywood, Pasadena and other attractions throughout Southern California just in time for summer vacations. We look forward to a thriving partnership with Avelo."

The initial Boise-Burbank schedule is below:

Boise-Burbank Schedule
Route Departs Arrives
May 24th Inaugural Burbank-Boise 1:30 PM 4:25 PM
Boise-Burbank 6:25 PM 7:35 PM
Effective May 28, FRI & MON Burbank-Boise 7:30 AM 10:25 AM
Boise-Burbank 11:05 AM 12:15 PM

Furthermore, Burbank's Bob Hope Airport was named the 2019 "Best US Airport" by Fodor's Travel. According to the airport's website, 275,082 passengers passed thru the airport in 2021 to fly with Avelo. Frank Miller, Executive Director of Hollywood Burbank Airport, said in the Avelo statement that the new routes "open up wonderful opportunities to enjoy the convenience of flying" from the airport.

Spokane is no slouch either. It's a city with a significant downtown complete with a Skywalk network of pedestrian overpasses, growing and improving public transit, and many parks and bridges complete with a waterfall in downtown. Larry Krauter, CEO, Spokane International Airport, said in a statement:

"The addition of Burbank to the Airport's nonstop offerings helps to fulfill high passenger demand between the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Region and Southern California, just in time for the summer travel season. It also allows an affordable opportunity for residents in the Los Angeles area to visit and explore our region."

The initial Spokane-Burbank schedule is below:

Spokane-Burbank Schedule
Route Departs Arrives
May 25th Inaugural Spokane-Burbank 5:30 PM 8:10 PM
Burbank-Spokane 12:55 PM 3:30 PM
Effective May 28, WED & SAT Spokane-Burbank 10:15 AM 12:55 PM
Burbank-Spokane 7:00 AM 9:35 AM

Let us know in the comments please if you've flown Avelo or are looking forward to these new flights.

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